Thursday, 15 March 2018

1. Principal's News Term 1, Week 7, 2017

To Tracy Plieger who has worked with us as a teacher aide for the past five years.  Tracy has secured a position at Waitaki Girls High School and we wish her the best of luck.

Well Done to Our Swimmers
Well done to our 27 swimmers who showed respect and resilience at the pool today for the North Otago swimming sports.  You were well behaved and did your best.  We don't have confirmed results yet and will print these in next week's newsletter.

Powhiri - Next Monday 11.15am
Parents and parishioners - we are having a powhiri welcome for ERO next Monday at 11.15am (approximately).  You are most welcome to come.  Seating for you will be available where the year 8s normally sit.

What our Year 8s think
Next week are are being visited by ERO (Education Review Office).  We are looking forward to sharing the many wonderful aspects of our school.  This week I asked the year 8s to prepare a presentation for ERO.  I gave them very broad outlines - they could talk about our special character, parish, cultures, sport, service and other aspects.  Here is what some of them wrote about our parish and special character.  I was really touched by what they wrote as it was unprompted, came from the heart and showed great depth of wisdom.   Here's what they wrote.

I believe that our school has many pure hearted people, and our school means the 4 r’s (respect, reverence, resilience and good relationships) the 4 r’s is what this school is built upon and just like God said, ”The church is the people.”

I believe that school means something deeper than love and friendships.  I believe that it has a voice in our world and that it's the match that begins the fire.

St Patrick’s parish and St Joseph’s School is a stable community here in Oamaru, its people and the priest Father Wayne have such a beautiful and entrusted relationship,

The parish to me is like the rock that God built his church upon.  The parish is in our school it's like a spirit that roams around and enlightens this place.

Everyone in the parish welcomes everyone and it makes me proud to be a part of St Joseph's  and I feel happy to take part and lead a part in this school.

We can use the parish for inspiration and also a way to lead us to Christ.  The parish and church is a blessing for me in the way that they help our school and the mass is what we build out from - it is the key symbol for our school.

I think of the parish as a homely place.  When I go there I feel the spiritual presence of God and His only Son Jesus.  I think of the parish / church as the entrance to God’s kingdom.

As a school, God is very important to us so being respectful is important.  We also have special character leaders to help explain God’s words to the kids.

This is a key part of our school.  It helps everyone to stick together and do teamwork as a school following in God’s footsteps.

As a Catholic school special character is very important to get closer to God.

Our special character involves God and our religion but not only that - our community too.

God Bless and Aroha
Lorraine Frances-Rees

2. Special Character Week 7 - Term 1 2018

Congratulations to students who made their first Reconciliation last weekend. It was a special time to share together in our Eucharistic Community.

Faith facts this week:-

Can you believe that this week marks the 5th anniversary of
Francis’ election as Supreme Pontiff! Pope Francis said at one of his first general audiences that , “Christianity is not simply a matter of following commandments; it is about living a new life, being in Christ, thinking and acting like Christ and being transformed by the love of Christ.” We are called to be to be nourished daily by hearing God’s word, prayer, sharing in the sacraments, especially Penance and the Eucharist, and by living charitable lives. 

St Patrick Feast Day March 17

God Bless
Nicola Winders

3. School Notices - Week 7, Term 1 2018


Altar Servers
Saturday 17th March - Samuel Plieger, Nye Jones-Hogan, Max Fatafehi and Sam Asi
Sunday 18th March - Annalise Kilgour, Anika Winders and Molly-May Mestrom

Birthday Greetings
Ayla Beattie

Tomorrow our Yr 8 leaders will receive their Leadership Badges at 2.30 pm.

Head Boy and Head Girl - Sebastian Spillane and Elenoa Asi
Special Character Head Boy and Special Character Head Girl - Samuel Plieger and Anika Winders
Cultural Leaders - Mikayla Bean, John Orillo and Aedrick Perez
Guzman House Captains - Tessa Souness and Morgan Baillie
Lima House Captains - Eleni Hausia and Max Fatafehi
Siena House Captains - Zyanya Pe and Taine Dyson
Physical Activity Leaders - Indya Cunningham, Hannah Miller, Hotili Asi, Campbell Fowler, Jack Hayman, Andrew Sinclair and Matthew Woodhouse
Environmental Leaders - Lily Wickham, Levi Crowder and Elias Maher
JJ Role Models - Seth Bartley and Hannes Roos
Librarian - Athena Toeke

This Friday and Saturday is the last game of cricket for both days of this term. It would be great to have everyone turn up to these games.  A great big thank you to our wonderful coaches/managers who have freely given up their time.

Saturday Draw
8.45 am - Intermediate A - St Joseph's/Union v WGHS/SKC at SKC 1
9.00 am - Intermediate B - St Joseph's v Valley White at SKC Artificial 1
9.00 am - Primary - St Joseph's v Albion at SKC Artificial 2

Home and School
Whitestone Wipe Out
It is only 24 sleeps till the Whitestone Wipe Out and the Home and School are doing a wonderful job of getting things organised for it.  It promises to be a great day with lots of fun and lots of spot prizes.  It is not too late to enter yourselves in this race which you can register by going to

Otherwise come into the office and we can print you off a copy of the registration and receive your payment.

Hannah Miller has lost her purple MGP scooter which was removed from the bike sheds during the day.  If you have seen it please contact the office.

Rippa Rugby Tournament
Tomorrow a notice will be sent home with children who have successfully trialed for the annual rippa rugby tournament next Friday at Whitestone Contracting stadium.  All teams are mixed and we want to enter 1 x Yr 3/4 team, 1 x Yr 5/6 team and 3 Yr 7/8 teams. The permission slips need to be returned by Monday 19th March so transport and coaches can be organised.

Junior Swimming
Next Monday we start our junior swimming lessons for children in Yrs 1-3.  They will have six lessons and will walk down to the pool.  Children are to wear their PE gear on these days. The dates are: Monday 19th, Wednesday 21st, Tuesday 27th, Wednesday 28th March and Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th April.

1.00 pm - Yr 2/3 - Mrs Danique McRae
1.30 pm - Yr 1/2 - Mrs Leanne Brookes and Mrs Tua Misiloi
2.00 pm - Yr 2/3 - Miss Morgan Tangney/Mrs Lena Klenner

Swimming Champions
Last week at assembly we awarded our school swimming champions with their trophies and certificates.  In some age groups, there was only a point difference between placings.  Congratulations to all of you.

8 yrs - Indeg Jones-Hogan and Hamish Fowler
9 yrs - Willow Bartlett and Lachlan Criddle
10 yrs - Marianne Alegre and Neight Fraser
11 yrs - Indya Cunningham and Levi Heffernan
12 yrs - Elenoa Asi and Samuel Plieger

Terrific Thursdays

Due to the teacher's union meeting next Thursday, there will be no Terrific Thursday.  It will continue as usual the following week.

Winter Sports - see another page on the blog for updated team lists
Trials will be held on Wednesday 21st March at the Taward Street netball courts from 3.30 to 5.00 for all Yr 6-8 players.  If you cannot make it, please let Mrs Brien know.

Trials will be held on Thursday 22nd March at St Kevin's College gym for all boys playing basketball from 3.30 to 5.00 pm.  If you cannot make it please let Mrs Brien know.

Registration forms will be sent home with each child playing rugby tomorrow.  Please complete them and return by Monday 19th March.  Fitness training for 11/12 year olds every Friday from 4.00 - 5.00 pm at St Kevin's College.


We will be looking at other schools/clubs to help with numbers in some of the grades.  More information will follow next week.

We still require coaches for hockey, boys miniball, girls basketball, rugby for 6 year olds and 7/8 year olds and Football midget grade.  Please let Mrs Brien know asap if you can help.

We warmly welcome Sesilia & Nehusita Hausia, Holly Ridgway & Paige Strachan and Niki Zeng to our school.

Weetbix Triathlon
Last Sunday a few of our school families travelled down to Mosgiel to compete in the annual Weetbix Triathlon where they had to run, swim and bike in an age distance course.  The children enjoyed themselves and they thought it was cool and fun and liked the sporting identities that were down there.  The gold medal at the end was worth it.

4. Sport teams - week 7, term 1 2018

ST JOSEPH’S HOCKEY NAMES 2018    15-3-18

Magic Sticks
– Yr ¾

Speedy Sticks– Yr 5/6

Turbo Sticks
– Yr 7/8

Ava Harrower – Yr 2
Mia Robinson
Rajbir Singh (Yr 2)


Mya Robinson – Yr 4


Mia Cant
Troy Chikowore
Cooper Jones
Elias Maher

Coach:   required

Coach:   required
Coach:   required
Game:  Wednesdays starting 9th May

Game:   Tuesdays starting 8th May

2018 Netball Names 15-3-18
Yr 8 & 7
7 aside
Yr 6 & 5
6 aside
Yr 4 & 3
5 aside
Yr 2 & 1
4 aside

Elenoa Asi
Indya Cunningham
Eleni Hausia
Jada-Rose Keno
Mya Lindsay
Bridie McGeown
Molly-May Mestrom
Hannah Miller
Summer Moriarty
Cassidy Rawson
Tessa Souness
Athena Toeke
Ofa Tokai
Anika Winders
Adriana Wylie-Taukolo


Yr 6
Mariah Cunningham
Hannah Fowler
Eva Harrex
Lavina Ma
Bella Moriarty
Serah Staju
Jayla Strong
Atlanta Williams

Yr 5
Chloe Bartley
Lily Kelcher
Eva Keno
Ivy-Belle Mestrom
Alexie Phillips
Indeg Jones-Hogan 4


Yr 4
Xanthe Clarke
Shakyla Meikle

Yr 3
Mia Catalan-Gomez
Kacy-mae Gibbins
Leah Kofoed
Rajbir Singh


Yr 2
Jayda Meikle
Georgia Moore
Evie Phillips

Yr 1
Milah Anderson

Coaches:  Paula Brien/Morgan Tangney and 3 SKC girls to be confirmed.

Practice:  Thursdays 3.15 to 4.30 pm at school and when suitable for coaches.

Trials:  For Yrs 6-8 girls on Wednesday 21st March at 3.30 – 5.00 pm at Taward Street netball courts.

Coach:  Isabella Hanning and friend

Practice: TBC

Game:  Saturdays starting 5th May

ST JOSEPH’S RUGBY NAMES 2018 (15-3-18)
Small Blacks

Pippa Campbell
Millie Fogarty
Lewis Geypen
Aria Oakes
Jack Phillips
Siale Tokai


Jacob Bartley
Jac Bradley
Luke Bremner
Marconi Hausia
Lucas Kofoed
James Laming
Blake Meek
Fitu Tuuefiafi


Luse Asi
Millie Campbell
Hamish Fowler
Elias Fraser
Stirling Heffernan
Blake Meek *
Jonathan Miller
Warren Pardede
Iverson Wylie-Taukolo

Coach:  Barry Pink/Chad Pink
Practice:  tbc
Coach:  required
Coach:  required
Game:  Saturdays starting 5th May

Junior Blacks
Super Blacks

Sam Asi
James Bremner
Neight Fraser
William Pardede
Paddy Spillane
Kenton Tokai
Sione Tuuefiafi
Kristiana Whiston ***
Michael Woodhouse


Hotili Asi ?
Morgan Baillie
Bronson Bartlett
Liam Cameron
Troy Chikowore
Levi Crowder
Max Fatafehi
Campbell Fowler
Jack Hayman
Levi Heffernan **
Elias Maher
Cody Marshall
Sebastian Spillane
Kristiana Whiston
Matthew Woodhouse

Coach:  Lee Woodhouse
Practice:  tbc

Coaches:   Glynn Cameron/Justin Fowler
Practice:  tbc
Fitness Training every Friday at St Kevin’s College from 4.00 – 5.00 pm for 11/12 year olds.  Starts Friday 16th March.

Game:  Saturdays starting 5th May

Midget (13,12,11) – 5 aside
Age 4,5 or 6 years
Primary (10,9) – 5 aside
Age 7 to 8 years
Maximo Catalan-Gomez
Liam Lindsay
Reynaldo Marasigan
Sephrin Staju
Cooper van Rooy

Willow Bartlett
Charlie Bremner
David Kilgour
Samuel McEvoy
Ethan Rathgen
Allan Roberts
Daniel Woodhouse

Coach:  required
Coach:  Tim McEvoy
Practices:  tbc

Game:  Saturdays starting date tbc

Junior (8,7) – 7 aside
Age 9-10 years
Intermediate (6,5,4) – 9 aside
Age 11-12 years
Tama Roberts


Annalise Kilgour
Paolo Mordeno
John Orillo
Coach:  required
Coach:  required

Game: Saturdays starting date tbc

MINIBALL NAMES 2018  -  15-3-18
Yr 4-6 boys
5 aside
Yr 4-6 girls
5 aside

Sam Asi – Yr 6
Lewis Gough – Yr 6
Eli Herbst - Yr 5
Hamish Fowler – Yr 4
Hunter Gough – Yr 4
Christopher Jorgensen – Yr 4
Blake Meek  - Yr 3


Luse Asi – Yr 4
Willow Bartlett  - Yr 5
Hannah Fowler  - Yr 6
Indeg Jones-Hogan – Yr 3
Eva Keno – Yr 5
Ashlyn Marshall – Yr 5
Alexie Phillips – Yr 5
Mya Robinson – Yr 4


Coach:  required

Coach:  Megan Phillips/Erin Pink
Practices: tbc
Game:  Tuesdays starting 8th May

Game:  Tuesdays starting 8th May

Yr 7/8 Boys
5 aside
Yr 7/8 Girls
5 aside

Hotili Asi
Morgan Baillie
Levi Crowder
Max Fatafehi
Campbell Fowler
Jack Hayman
Aedrick Perez
Samuel Plieger
Sebastian Spillane
Matthew Woodhouse


Bronson Bartlett
Liam Cameron
Cooper Jones
Nye Jones-Hogan
Cody Marshall

Elenoa Asi
Indya Cunningham
Tessa Souness
Anika Winders


Jada-Rose Keno
Kristiana Whiston

Hannah Fowler

Coach:  Claire Cameron/Jack Cameron
Practices: Sundays from 3.30 to 3.30 pm at St Kevin’s College gym
Trials:  Will be held on Thursday 22nd March from 3.30 to 4.30 pm at SKC gym.

Coach:  required
Game:  Wednesdays starting 9th May